The Wild Thornberrys Movie is a 2002 American animated adventure comedy-drama film based on the television series of the same name.


When Eliza tries to save a young Cheetah cub named Tally from a pair of poachers in a helicopter, her British grandmother, Cordelia who visits the family decides it's high time that Eliza gets a civilized education into an English boarding school, fearing that Eliza is constantly endangering herself in Africa and will be much safer in England much to Debbie's dismay that Eliza had to go instead of her. When Eliza is in England she noticed that her pet Chimpanzee Darwin smuggled in her luggage to go with her, making her excited about not being the only one there. During a food fight at the boarding school, in which Darwin attends, he gets Eliza in trouble after being discovered in the school. Eliza is still depress about Tally being taken away from the poachers.

Later Eliza had a dream in which Shaman Mnyambo, the person who gave Eliza her power to talk to animals, tells her that Tally is alive and she can still save him. Eliza ask her roommate Sarah Wellington for help to get her and Darwin back to Nairobi. While on a train to their family's camp, the duo notice an injured rhino outside the train so Eliza tries to stop the train but is unable too so she jumps off to help it. Eliza speaks with the rhino who tells her that he was shot by the river. They are assisted by a young couple, Sloan and Bree Blackburn, supposedly animal conservationists, but as they attempt to save the rhino, Eliza discovers the same knife carried by the poacher who took Tally. After the rhino is taken away by by a ranger, Eliza and Darwin continue to their camp. When Eliza returns to Africa she stumbles on a plot to kill a herd of forest Elephants, and she races to save them before it's too late. Darwin, Donnie, and Debbie are dragged along for the Adventure.



-Boko, an African Tribe member, befriends Debbie and gives her a skirt. She is seen wearing it, and then the next scene when she leaves the Tribe, she is wearing her pants again.