Edith Ann: A Few Pieces of the Puzzle was an animated television special created by Lily Tomlin. It was produced by Klasky Csupo. It is not to be confused with a sketch on a late 60's comedy show, Hee Haw or kids show The Electric Company.

It was followed by Edith Ann: Homeless Go Home (1994) Edith Ann's Christmas (Just Say Noël) (1996)


Edith Ann is NOT your average 6-year-old. She sees the world unlike any other child her age. Created by the multi-talented Lilly Tomlin, Edith Ann does her best to do the right thing at the right time. The fun happens when she does the WRONG thing and then must work out her resolutions. Resolutions by a 6-year-old...sounds almost existential but all Edith Ann wants is the truth...AND THAT'S THE TRUTH.